Navigating a Difficult Day: What To Do When Grief Feels Crippling

Navigating a Difficult Day: What To Do When Grief Feels Crippling

Grief can be a heavy burden to carry, especially on days when it feels all-consuming. Through my own journey, I’ve discovered ways to navigate these challenging moments and find a bit of solace and strength. Here’s how I personally get through the toughest days when grief feels too much to bear.

1. Creating My Comforting Corner

When the wave of grief hits hard, I retreat to a special corner of my home that I’ve dedicated to comfort and peace. This space has become my sanctuary, offering a sense of safety when the outside world feels too overwhelming.

How I Do It:

  • Setting Up My Space: I chose a quiet corner in my living room and made it cozy with a plush chair, soft blankets, and pillows. I keep a small table nearby with items that bring me comfort, like a favorite book, a calming candle, and a photo of my loved one.
  • Engaging My Senses: I added touches that soothe my senses—dim lighting, the scent of lavender, and a playlist of gentle, comforting music. These small details help create a serene atmosphere where I can relax and feel a bit more grounded.

Whenever grief feels too much, I retreat to this corner. It’s my personal refuge where I can breathe deeply, cry, or simply sit quietly, surrounded by things that bring me a sense of peace.

2. Reaching Out to My Support Circle

In the midst of my grief, I’ve learned the importance of not going it alone. Connecting with my support circle has been a lifeline, offering me comfort and understanding when I need it most.

How I Do It:

  • Leaning on My People: I identified a few close friends and family members who I can call or text anytime I’m struggling. They’ve become my go-to support system, always ready to listen or just sit with me in silence.
  • Regular Check-Ins: I set up regular check-ins with my support circle. We have weekly calls or meet for coffee, providing me with a consistent source of connection and comfort.
  • Finding Online Communities: I also joined an online grief support group. It’s been helpful to connect with others who understand my journey and to share experiences and encouragement.

On days when grief feels isolating, reaching out to my support circle reminds me that I’m not alone. Their presence and empathy provide a comforting reassurance that helps lighten my load.

3. Engaging in Gentle, Mindful Activities

Finding gentle, mindful activities has been a crucial part of my healing process. These activities help me focus on the present and offer a sense of normalcy amidst the chaos of grief.

How I Do It:

  • Expressing Through Creativity: I keep a journal where I write down my thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, I sketch or paint, using creativity as a way to express emotions that are difficult to put into words.
  • Connecting with Nature: I take walks in a nearby park, letting the fresh air and natural beauty calm my mind. Gardening has also become a therapeutic activity for me, giving me something to nurture and watch grow.
  • Practicing Mindfulness: I’ve incorporated mindfulness into my routine with simple practices like deep breathing and short meditation sessions. I focus on my breath, letting each inhale and exhale bring me back to the present moment.

These activities provide me with a sense of calm and purpose, helping me navigate through the fog of grief and find moments of peace.


Getting through a difficult day when grief feels overwhelming is never easy, but these personal strategies have helped me find comfort and strength. By creating a comforting corner, reaching out to my support circle, and engaging in mindful activities, I’ve learned to navigate the tough times with a bit more grace. If you’re struggling, I hope these approaches can offer you some solace and remind you that it’s okay to lean into the things that bring you comfort and support.

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