At Evermore Keepsakes, we craft unique sympathy gifts to soothe away grief and pain when even words fail.

Life is full of challenging moments - grappling with injury or illness, mourning the loss of a loved one, experiencing the heartache of miscarriage, navigating crushing breakups and personal traumas.

No amount of wealth or power can protect any human from the tragedy of loss. We are all in this shared fate together.

These experiences touch each and all of us.
From loss in personal life to universal grief, caused by witnessing countless human and animal lives lost in tragedies so numerous now around the world that each news program in any channel, in any country, has its share of death news.

When your family member, friend, colleague, classmate or neighbor is grieving, when the words are not equal to the pain, it is just right to give a thoughtful sympathy gift, one that recognizes and honors their pain, that supports them so that they are not left to face this darkness all alone.

In these difficult moments, giving a sympathy gift that brings peace and love; the unique sympathy gift that offers comfort and healing to a grieving person is the same as pulling a drowning victim out of a violent current.

Our Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher is such a gift - a symbol of hope and healing, bringing both peace and love to those navigating grief.

We have heard back from many who bought it to give to grieving friends that it was just what was needed.

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Each Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher is exquisitely crafted and carefully packaged in a Sympathy Gift Box, together with a Sympathy Poem “Crystal from Heaven“ Card. FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE (for all US orders).

As expressed in the poem, our Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher serves as a bridge of enduring love, love that is stronger than death itself. It serves as the anchor of loving memories which support with warmth and peace.

When placed in sunlight, the Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher casts a beautiful display of vivid, soft rainbow light, bringing warmth and tranquility to the space around. This beautiful gift stands as a beacon of light during dark times, and lights up as the beauty and resilience found in the most challenging moments of life.

May the dancing rainbows scattered by this Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher let the love light in, let it dispel the darkness! Let the injustice and cruelty of fear and loss be overcome by the gentle soft power, the power of love!

Love that heals when nothing can heal anymore.

Let this sympathy gift, elegant and modern, with deep ancient roots, used from old times by Native American Indians, surround you with love. Catching the great light of the Sun, it sends countless sparks and rainbows to fill the space with lights, vivid and soft. Be the same!

You are not alone. Nothing and nobody is forgotten. You can smile again because you know it is your power of love that overcomes the emptiness and cruelty of loss. When your spirit sparks anew with love and hope, you know, your love has won against the desperate emptiness of loss & death. The victory of your love has made this world a better place!

The souls of your departed loved ones will be warmed and quickened with your living love which is bubbling with faith and hope.

Awarded the Best Selling Suncatcher on Etsy in 2024, this award-winning sympathy gift has pulled many hearts out of despair and emptiness of grief, whatever has caused this grief.

Each Crystal Rainbow Suncatcher is meticulously crafted in the USA from advanced K9 Crystal which has a high refractive index and strong transparency. Each Suncatcher is carefully inspected to be free from any defects before being sent to customers.

Product Description:

  • 40mm High-Quality, Lead-Free Crystal Ball
  • Stainless Steel Cable Chain measures 16"
  • Durable Stainless Steel Hook
  • Includes Small Greeting Card for Your Recipient

Additional Information:

  • Suitable age group: 13 and above
  • Gender: Women and Men
  • Color: Clear / Colorless
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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Diane DiMambro

Friend loved it, great gift!

Friend Loves It

Great gift I bought as a sympathy gift for a friend. She loved it. Thank you!

Erin Wasenius

. . . . .

Casey Kirk

So beautiful! Can’t wait to gift this as part of a condolence gift. The poem alone is so meaningful but I held it up to the sun to test it and really felt the connection.

Anne Skubis
Pet Loss

Made the perfect gift for my friend who lost a pet